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Search for officially registered marriage settlements, liens and other legal rights

Here you will find liens and other legal rights on motor vehicle, organisation and individuals in the Register of Mortgaged Movable Property and officially registered marriage settlements in the Register of Marriage Settlements. You need the national identity number of the person you search for.

You must search for the original registration number, not a personal licence plate. In order to search for a registration number, or more information about the vehichle, please take a look at the website of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

More about liens on vehicles here.

More about different types of liens on an individual.

You can see more information, for instance registered distraint deductions (wage deduction) or nothing for distraint on yourself, if you log on to My page.

More about marriage settlements

Heftelser på eiendom finner du på Statens kartverk sine nettsider .